A Surrendered Heart (Broadmoor Legacy, Book 3), by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller

A Surrendered Heart (Broadmoor Legacy, Book 3)

Rating: ***– 3.5 Stars

GENRE: Historical Christian Fiction

BOOK SUMMARY:  When cholera strikes Rochester, New York, in the spring of 1899, the members of the Broadmoor family flee to their castle home in the Thousand Islands. But Amanda Broadmoor, who has always held a special compassion for the less fortunate, resolves to remain in Rochester with Dr. Blake Carstead, working to help control the spread of the dreaded disease. However, much more than Amanda’s health hangs in the balance. Mishandling of the family fortune threatens to leave the Broadmoor family penniless–and even willing to sacrifice Amanda’s future. Will she be forced to marry a man she disdains in order to save the Broadmoor legacy?

REVIEWER COMMENTS: This is the third and last book of the Broadmoor Legacy series, and while it continues to focus on the 3 cousins, Fanny, Sophie, and Amanda, and their relationship, Amanda, who is the most independent of the three, takes center stage here. Amanda’s journey is certainly my favorite: the book still develops her unyielding desire for independence, which is expressed by her passion for medicine, but also uncovers some vulnerabilities that she discovers about herself, due to some issues that have to do with her health, with her love interest, and with family responsibilities, that literally turn her life and plans upside down. Of course, there is a happy ending, but it takes a lot of hardship, self inspection, and sacrifice for our heroine to get there. I also liked Miller and Peterson’s way of resolving a lot of the sideline stories that were left hanging in the previous books, such as Fanny and Michael’s reunion, and Amanda’s father redemption.

SEXUAL CONTENT: A few kisses, mild references to sexual situations but none described


*Conclusion: A nice, clean, historical fiction story with a Christian undertone. The perfect conclusion to a well written and thought out series that teaches about God’s faithfulness and forgiveness, and the power of love and loyalty. I would not call this book a romantic novel. While there is romance, it is not the focus of any of the books in the series.

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