Love finds you in New Orleans, Louisiana, by Christa Allan

Product Details

Rating: ***– 3.5 Stars

GENRE: Historical Fiction/Romance

BOOK SUMMARY: 1841. Ever since her parents died of yellow fever when she was a child, Charotte LeClerc has lived with her grandparents, who rarely speak of their son and his wife. They are on the verge of negotiating a marriage contract with a suitor, a man Charlotte loathes, when they discover that she enjoys the company of Gabriel Girod, a young Creole man.

Charlotte’s future hangs in the balance as her grandparents consider whether to stop keeping secrets and reveal the truth that they’ve known since before her birth — a truth that will make the difference between a life of obligation and a life of choice for Charlotte.

REVIEWER COMMENTS: I was absolutely in love with this book from the get-go. Since page one, I came to appreciate the descriptive language, the attention to details, and the historical component that filled the pages of this novel. I even took the time to do my own research of the  southern culture in the 1800’s, particularly new Orleans’, and I was hooked. And as I continued along, I was enchanted by the main characters, Gabriel and Charlotte, an exquisite couple, and their devotion, the difficulties they had to overcome, and how masterfully described their innocent forbidden love was.

And then, came the anticlimactic end -to say the least.  After all our favorite couple had to overcome not to be apart, we do not even see a detailed description of their much anticipated reunion. How disappointing! It was like finding a waterfall in the desert, to then discover it was just a mirage. That is how dry the ending was, and we are left with a journal entry that summarizes what Lottie and Gabriel are up to a couple of years later. How did Lottie feel when she realized that she was finally free to marry the man she loved? How was the kiss that sealed it all? What was the proposal like? This is all left to the reader’s imagination, which is not what a romance novel should do..!

SEXUAL CONTENT: A couple of kisses.

ADULT LANGUAGE: While this novel is based on some adult themes that are typical of the culture of the time, nothing is described in detail.

*Conclusion:  3.5 stars for a beautifully written historical romance, which I absolutely recommend with all my heart (even with the lukewarm ending)!

Note: while there is a religious undertone, I would not consider this a Christian novel.

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