When Hope Blossoms by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Rating: **– 2 Stars

GENRE: Contemporary Christian Fiction

BOOK SUMMARY:  Amy Knackstedt hopes a new start in Weaverly, Kansas, will help heal the pain of losing her husband and provide a better future for her three children. But her new neighbor, Tim Roper, is not pleased to have an Old Order Mennonite family living next to his apple orchard. Tim left the Mennonite faith years ago and doesn’t want any reminders of his former life.
Yet when circumstances throw Amy and Tim together, they form a friendship that surprises them both. Will past hurts always be a barrier between them, or will this tentative relationship blossom into something more?

REVIEWER COMMENTS:  This is my very first novel by this author, and I must admit, I was disappointed. While the beginning of the story appeared to be promising, and the main male character, Tim, somewhat fascinating because of his background story and his conflicted personality, I just could not find Amy, her family, and the rest of the characters interesting. The story very much dragged (in some places, there were entire pages describing unimportant details) and the romantic element lacking. By the last chapter, I still could not understand why Tim and Amy fall in love: I did not sense much chemistry between the protagonists, and even the Christian element seemed somewhat forced. I am a very fast reader, but I had a very hard time finishing this book, and while I very much wanted to like it, I simply did not.

SEXUAL CONTENT: One chaste kiss


*Conclusion: A nice, clean, Christian fiction story. Not my cup of tea, but I am still thankful to Bethany House Publishing for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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