Winter is Past, by Ruth Axtell Morren


Rating: ***– 3.5 Stars

GENRE: Regency Christian Romance

BOOK SUMMARY:  Simon Aguilar, a rising MP of Sephardic Jewish origin, falls in love with Althea Breton, a Methodist nurse who’s the illegitimate daughter of an aristocrat. Althea cares for Simon’s dying daughter and puts his household in order. Against the backdrop of the glittering ballrooms and the quiet parlors of Regency England comes a man’s remarkable journey of love and faith.

REVIEWER COMMENTS: Winter is Past is Ruth Axtell Morren’s first novel in the Regency Series, and yet, it is a sequel to her second, Dawn in my Heart, so I would suggest reading that one before this one, in order to have some background on the main character, Althea, her brother, Tertius, and his wife Gillian. Morren manages to write regency at its best. From the very beginning of this book, the reader is transported to 1800 London through the narrative, the dialogues, and the detailed description that fill the pages. Althea is a devoted Christian nurse who is employed by Jewish widowed Simon to take care of his ill daughter. The story of how their relationship blossoms is paced masterfully, and the romance is well developed, sweet, and will keep the reader turning the pages. Simon and Althea seem the least likely couple to fall in love, but by the power of faith and persistence, and overall, prayer, their romance blossoms into a story that fills their hearts, but most importantly, heals their souls. I found Simon a complex individual, with struggles that seemed impossible to overcome due to his religious upbringing, and his overall disdain for matters of faith. And yet, he eventually comes around, due to Althea’s steady prayer and devotion, which will eventually become his saving grace. In some places, I found Althea a tad preachy, the Christian tone a little overpowering, and the story to drag, but overall, Morren’s masterful writing style kept me interested until the end, and I would highly recommend this book to lovers of this genre.

SEXUAL CONTENT and ADULT LANGUAGE: A few passionate kisses and other thematic elements. Some references to an affair.

*Conclusion: A beautiful romance novel with a solid Christian message.

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